About Us

Ellis Water was founded on May 29, 1963, but did not actually start pumping water to its customers until August 13, 1966. The system was initially designed by J.B. Wilson & Associates Consulting Engineers from Indianapolis, and was made to serve approximately 400 rural customers that lived outside the city limits of Linton. United States Senator, Birch Bayh, was present at the valve turning ceremony to begin providing water to our customers.
Ellis Water derives its name not from any particular person as some might think, but from the Ellis Community that once existed Northwest of Linton off State Road 54 heading toward Dugger, Indiana.
Over the years, the company has grown, and as of January 2012, Ellis Water had about 1,600 taps, however only about 1,385 are currently in use. The utility is really made up of two separate systems; The north consisting of all water customers living between the cities of Linton and Jasonville and the South for all customers living between Linton and Sandborn. Drapalik Engineering from Martinsville, Indiana designed the south system. This 38 mile extension was completed in 1988, and brought clean fresh potable drinking water to over 250 households. To date this has been the largest undertaking of the utility since its conception.
The Original Board of Directors consisted of
Clarence Britton President
Robert Steele Vice President
Glenn Page Sec/Treasurer
Richard Page Board Member
Clarence Creager Board Member
Richard Page is credited as being the founder and driving force behind getting Ellis Water started. Rumor has it, that the idea was conceived in Clarence Creager’s kitchen over a few pots of coffee.
Ellis Water is a non-profit water utility and is considered a co-op, which means the company is owned by the members or customers that support it. This is the reason why we charge a membership fee to any individual first signing on to the utility. An elected board of directors governs the company. The Manager or Superintendent is hired by the board to run the company. They in turn hire a staff to help facilitate the task of running day to day operations. The board creates policies, rules, and regulations and it is the job of the manager and staff to enforce them.
Ellis Water was designed as and remains a Water Distribution System. This means that the company must rely on the City of Linton for its water. Ellis Water has no wells, nor do they treat the water they receive. Finished potable water is pumped through a series of main lines into the Ellis Water system, which in turn is pumped to our customers.
The company continually strives to enhance its water system and routinely makes improvements to better supply its customers. In 2008 Ellis Water built a new 500,000 gallon ground water storage tank to better serve its customers and maintain a two-day supply of fresh drinking water. In 2015 Ellis Water completed a water storage tank on the south end. This project was completed with the assistance of a $400,000 grant and provides a 2 day supply of fresh drinking water.