Board Meetings



The Ellis Water Board of Directors generaly meets on the 2nd Tuesday of every month, at 7:00pm in the water office. Occasionally scheduling conflicts require the date to change.  Please contact the office to check the date of the meeting each month.  All meetings are open to the public. If you wish to address the board, you must be placed on the agenda. To be placed on the agenda simply contact the office prior to the meeting and make the request. Please provide the topic of your issue and how many people will be attending the meeting.



As mandated by our by-laws Ellis Water holds an Annual meeting usually on the 2nd Tuesday of January. Notice of the meeting is placed on the bills, posted on our website, and posted at our office. This meeting is an open forum and you are not required to be placed on the agenda if you wish to address the board. The meeting is used to review events that have occurred over the past year as well as to elect new members to the board. Each member present is entitled to one vote on any item brought before the board.



The Ellis Water Board President or other duly appointed representative has the right to call a special meeting of the directors to address a particular topic(s). These meetings can be either open or closed to the public depending upon the subject matter. If the meeting is open to the public it will be posted and our membership will be encouraged to attend.